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Ensure your child has the best possible future

The school or university your child attends will not only affect their level of achievement but also their general happiness. We help parents and students get a clearer understanding of the very important choices they are making for their children's future.

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Independent Advice

At the School Gates is an independent education consultancy, which guides parents through every aspect of school and univeristy selection.

We have an in-depth knowledge of the UK education system and provide independent advice about both state and independent schools, including boarding schools.

We work with families relocating to the UK, or within it, and with families whose children have reached natural points of transfer - from nursery to primary, from primary to secondary, from GCSE to A Level and from A-Level to university. We also advise on university choice.

Why choose us?

At The School Gates offers genuinely independent advice (we receive no commission from any school) and our knowledge and contacts mean we can provide an objective view of the right school for your child.

Who we are

At The School Gates is an independent education consultancy set up by senior education journalist and consultant Lisa Freedman to provide tailor-made advice for every parent and every child.



“When you're choosing a school, you look at league tables and inspection reports, but it’s still so difficult to work out what it’s really like. At the School Gates were wonderful. They recognised our daughter's emotional as well as her academic needs and helped us find a school where she is really happy.”

At The School Gates

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